Striking bowls

their sounds move and fulfill time

Striking bowls are tuned singing bowls. Together in pairs they sound in two-part chords for the quarter of an hour and the whole hour. Depending on the number of striking bowls used, also a simple melody can be played.

The deep-sounding tonal spectrum of the GRASSMAYR striking bowls made from bronze is impressive. In comparison, a striking bowl needs only 19 kg to produce the approximate note a/1, whereas a bell with the tone a/1 weighs about 450 kg.

Music is perceived differently depending on the cultural area and subjective perception. Ringing arrangements can be composed from two-part chords as the smallest form to polyphonic melodies.

Two bowls with the notes a and c sound in the minor motif, with the notes a and c sharp in the major motif. The notes a - c - d – f bild up a four-part chime in the parcifal motif. Several bowls provide more possibilities, comparable to playing chords on a piano. In our museum you can play, listen and get tuned and amazed!


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