Wellness bowls

A waterfall of deep partial tones swings us into harmony with ourselves.

Large Wellness bowls (weighing from approx. 200 to currently 2,500 kg) surprise, move and impress with the numerous partial tones that can be perceived intensely when struck.

From a musical point of view, these large singing-bowls do not show the same sound volume like the smaller bowls (sound/striking/orchestral bowls). The partial tones of the wellness bowls sound at such low frequencies that we humans can no longer perceive them so clearly and well with our ears.

The effect of the Wellness-bowls with their low sound frequencies can be felt throughout the body, even in areas where you would never expect to perceive the sound frequencies. Try it for yourself! Visit the bell museum of the Grassmayr bell foundry and get in tune!

The Guinness Book of Records also mentions the world's largest wellness bowl (giant singing bowl) with a diameter of 2.33 meters and a weight of 2.526 kg. It sounds for over 6 minutes with over 1.000 partial tones. This world record was cast in 2017 at the Grassmayr bellfoundry for a customer in Hungary.

Visual impressions


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