Our Philosophy

With a "deep inner longing for the "Stradivarius among bells",
(© Peter und Johannes GRASSMAYR)

"SOLI DEO GLORIA - Everything depends on God's blessing" were the first words in Bartlme GRASSMAYR's travelling book when he went on a journey to practise for several years. This belief formed the foundation of the GRASSMAYR bell foundry.

Strengthened by the power of tradition and the endeavour for qualitative market leadership, GRASSMAYR combines the experience of past times with ongoing experiments and scientific research cooperation. With the "deep inner longing for the "Stradivarius of bells", the brothers Peter and Johannes Grassmayr and their team have significantly developed bell quality in recent years. A deep inner longing as motivation to continuously transform the company into a quality pioneer. 


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Leopoldstraße 53
6020 Innsbruck
Tel. +43 512 59416





Glockengießerei Grassmayr, Innsbruck
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