GRASSMAYR Clock bells

For more than 200 years, Grassmayr Bell Foundry has manufactured clock bells to ring out the hours, as a substitute for large bells.


Characteristic of clock bells is their deep sounding tonal spectrum and, in comparison to customary large bells, their much lighter weight relative to each major tone. For example, for the note a/0, a bell weighs about 4,000 kg, whereas the corresponding clock bell weighs about 23 kg. Due to the high costs of metals, this permits sounding bodies similar to bells to be purchased at a fraction of the cost, a significant benefit.


Clock bells are cast with thick walls from bell bronze (tin and copper). Due to their particularly lengthy resonance and ‘highly perceptible’ sound, their impact inside rooms is great.


At Grassmayr Bell Foundry clock bells are cast with a special form which is the outcome of computer simulations testing the ratio of wall thickness to height of the bells. The upshot:  a hearty and pleasant sound emanates from each bell.


For acoustic bells which must harmonize precisely, e.g. when several bells ring simultaneously in a tower or when they are used by an orchestra, we recommend GRASSMAYR orchestra cup bells.