GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry is Austria’s oldest family-run handicraft company.

Illustration from 1899: the 300th anniversary of GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry

Since 1599, that is, for more than 400 years, the GRASSMAYR company and its staff have lived through the roller coaster ups and downs of European history.

There have been enlightened times with extraordinary works and outstanding distinctions. There have been dark times, such as the Thirty Years War, with starvation, epidemics and even a politically ordained prohibition ‘to cast bells’.

Through working together, in order to create beautiful works for our customers, as well as the continuing efforts of the family to live and dedicate themselves to the firm, an extraordinary tradition has been created and endures. The past provides a powerful backdrop, yet each and every day brings a brand new challenge in the here-and-now, when special things must be created anew. For all those who recognize and accept this quintessential challenge of life, such a task as ours is far more than work, it is the gift of life itself.


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