GRASSMAYR Chime plates

Chime plates make a highly effective impact, despite their apparently simple shape.   Through the predetermined ratio of size and distance between tonally calculated lateral slits, the chime plates resonate at precisely defined and pre-tuned partial tones.  

Tuned at 2 octaves:            partial tones, e.g. a/1 - a/2                                    with other partial tones

Tuned at 3 octaves:            partial tones, e.g. a/1 - a/2 - a/3                        with other partial tones

    Contingent on the striking spot, the chime plate becomes a musical instrument.   Grassmayr Bell Foundry manufactures chime plates based on its longstanding experience and knowledge of bellmaking in all its variations: steel or brass. Brass chime plates sound more robust and have a lengthier resonance than the steel chime plates, which are less expensive.