GRASSMAYR Cup bells for orchestras

Through applying highly specialized calculations, GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry has succeeded in further developing traditional clock bells and transforming them from sound-resonating metal bowls into musical instruments.


As with customary bells, cup bells for orchestras resonate with numerous distinct partial tones even after one single strike. Enlisting the aid of complex simulation programmes, cup bells for orchestras are calculated and formed in such a way that the most prominent partial tones in a cup bell harmonize with one another. The tonal structure of GRASSMAYR cup bells for orchestras is dominated by the super octave, the third and the lower octave.


Cup bells for orchestras are tuned to a precision of ± 5 Cent  (= ± 5/100 half tone) using the super octave as reference tone for the partial tones.


Since they have thicker walls, cup bells for orchestras are heavier and more intensive sounding than cup bells for organs. Thus, they are better suited as musical instruments for orchestras or for higher standing towers.