Moved by the unending desire to create a ‘Stradivarius among bells’ ….

(© Peter and Johannes GRASSMAYR)


„SOLI DEO GLORIA – All for the greater glory of God” were the first words in Bartime GRASSMAYR’s travel diary when he set out as a journeyman to practice his craft for several years. It was this profound faith that established both the philosophy and the tradition of GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry for all time.


Strengthened by the long reach of tradition and the passion to achieve market leadership, experiences from past times are combined with currently running experiments and scientific research cooperations.  Through their deep, inner desire to create a Stradivarius among bells, brothers Peter and Johannes Grassmayr and their team have evolved bell quality measurably further over the course of recent years. This profound passion is their motivation to ongoingly transform their company in all sectors until it is a qualitative forerunner in the field of bellmaking.


All of the above pursues the aim of producing works of art of acoustic and visual beauty for the pleasure and joy of human beings which will redound to the glory of ‘eternity’.