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The griffon was awarded to GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry in 1692 by the bishops of Brixen. At that time, the bishops of Brixen bore sovereign responsibility for today’s South Tirol (Italy), Tirol and Vorarlberg (Austria).

The griffon as a signet is seen as a seal of quality and is included at GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry in the manufacture of most of the large bells and art works as an integral part of the product. Depending on the object being cast and in accordance with age-old traditions, the year of casting, angels’ heads, ‘medicinal’ sage leaves and on occasion even a playful salamander as symbol of vitality are included with other ornamentations ‘from one sole casting’. Note: all adornments, including the salamander, are formed with the help of modelled wax convex positives.

The griffon is a fabled animal. With the beak and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion, it embodies strength and wisdom, plus early power connected to divine might. With dignity, strength and joy, the griffon bears a floral bouquet to GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry as earthly beauty and grasps in its right claw like a sceptre the jewel of the bell which touches the hearts of humankind with its music.