Bell ringing fills the room

A mystical room of sound. We cordially invite you to immerse into a new kind of acoustical experience. Bell tones are made visible, audible, feelable. Try it out yourself!

The secret of GRASSMAYR bells lies in the calculations of their peculiarity of shape, embodied by the bell form. Thus, the bells from Tirol are actually musical instruments which in their complex structure resonate with a number of different notes - in fact, more than 50 different partial tones in large-sized bells. The tonal structure of a GRASSMAYR octave bell is marked by the acoustically audible strike tone and by the super octave, the prime, the third, the fifth and the sub-octave or hum note. The challenge lies in bringing the various notes both inside one bell as well as among a combination of bells which are intended to ring simultaneously into pleasant harmony with each other.