Independent organization

For small snacks and picnics, visitors can use the table in the museum garden.

Recommended inns and restaurants (in immediate vicinity of bell museum)

Inn "Riese Haymon", mit Gastgarten, Haymongasse 4,, 0043-512-566800

Restaurant / Pizzeria "Neuwirt", with outdoor dining, Haymongasse 1, 0043-650-9993244

various eateries at Cineplex-Cinem, e.g. Pizzeria 0043-560709, Bamboo 0043-512-562584; Nudelkuchl 0043-512-583252


Renting the bell museum and the bell foundry interior spaces

For special occasions and events, the interior spaces and rooms of the bell museum and certain areas of the bell foundry can be rented. For details, please see the enclosure or contact the foundry museum.


    » Information about events (2015/16) as pdf (german)