The art of creating a duplicate that looks and sounds just like the original

Acoustically and visually, true replicas of historically important bells are manufactured for purposes of completing bell assemblies or as exhibits in museums.


As a result of intensive research activities in recent years, bell assemblies with ‘missing’ bells could successfully be restored and completed by GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry, e.g. a bell form from 1566 in Oettingen, Germany; a large bell form in Leipzig; a brighenti bell form in Bologna, Italy. In addition to physical replication, precise analysis coordinated with simulation calculations even made a musical transfer of historical bell forms possible.


Under the aegis of the National Office of Historical Monuments, even missing segments, e.g. a crown handle, can be replicated true to the original and then ‘welded’ to the historic bell. The cleaning of historic bells and the ‘sealing’ of bells which have cracked also form parts of our bell restoration activities.

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