Only with its adornment does a bell achieve its significance.

From a technical point of view, bells don’t need crowns or ornamentation to produce their sound. However, bells are given a symbolic importance through their adornment and, since they endure so long, also historic importance. There are no particular ‘guidelines’ for adorning a bell, apart from the fact that overly heavy ornamentation affects the sound. Above all else, it is the challenge of a bell foundry to devise and give a bell the appropriate ornamentation to underscore the reason it is being rung for the customer, thereby giving it a significance and unique identity.


Three sculptors, specially schooled in creating extremely thin relief models of pictures and ornamentation perform their work at GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry, enabling customers to have their bells inexpensively designed in accordance with their own wishes. Personal signatures, imaginative crown heads or detailed depictions figure prominently in the artists’ atelier where these ornament models are fashioned.


At GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry, the bell crowns are traditionally adorned with the heads of angels, connoting that through the ringing of the bell not only sound but also heavenly protection emanates in all directions.


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