Each recipe becomes something extraordinary through the craftsmanship and personal involvement of the bellmakers. That quality rings audibly out of the final product.

As visitors at GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry can see, not only bell casting has been modernized at Tirol’s foundry, even the age-old methods of fashioning bell forms out of clay have evolved step by step through the ages.


Because of their passion to create a Stradivarius among bells, Peter and Johannes Grassmayr, together with their dedicated team, focus on continuing research, performing at least once monthly an experiment devoted to quality improvement, even drawing university and technical institutes into their activities. Their irrepressible curiosity and deployment of modern tools which can even measure spatial temperature variations of metal and make computer simulations of bell forms and acoustical tones, underpinned by their researches into historic handicraft documents, have further developed bell quality significantly.  For example, the Grassmayr brothers have driven onward the tradition of shaping clay bell forms at GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry. Despite the stimulating insights which visitors to the foundry are given into bellmaking, some parts of the process, e.g. the special clay mixture of a bell form, are still kept secret.