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Preserving our patrimony and restoring it with care

Over the past centuries, technical and inexpensive solutions which provide maximum benefit to the client have been the uppermost goal of our activity up high in the church tower. Old systems and materials are replaced by modern ones.


A new challenge of the first order which has arisen is the preservation, restoration and gentle care and maintenance of historic heritage items which sometimes go back for centuries, from bells to technical equipment such as wood belfries or headstocks.


It is a gift of the modern age to have discovered and reassessed these resonant and very often concealed instruments and accessories as treasures, to have recognized the historic value to the community as a whole and to make expert-led efforts to preserve them for coming generations in cooperation with the National Office for Historic Monuments.


Over recent years, a great deal of traditional knowledge in this sector has undergone a change. Special schooling of our staff, together with collaboration with researchers shape the future orientation of GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry.