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“Each day is a brand new day to develop another step.”

(© Peter and Johannes GRASSMAYR)

In spite of a history going back a long ways and a lot of experience, it is always surprising for GRASSMAYR Bell Foundry that new technical developments, experiments or research projects bring so many surprising results which enrich our ability to move forward.


In many cases, knowledge handed down from our forebears, acquired through ‘natural born instincts’ or gathered through experience finally becomes rationally comprehensible and gets mathematically proven only through computer simulations. In the process, certain other ‘age-old’ rules of thumb turn out to be indefensible, ineffective or downright counter-indicated.


For example, in one church tower the same, often re-cast bell continued to crack again and again, the cause of the damage was examined in depth a few years ago in cooperation with the Frauenhofer Institut. The results from this research into the intense demands placed on a bell and resulting damages caused by the clapper, particularly in traditional high-storied bell combinations, soon turned into a huge European project known as ECC-ProBell  in collaboration with Kempten College and other universities.